Holy Sheep! Monika Crochet is now OPEN!
Holy Sheep! Monika Crochet is now OPEN!
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Autumn Fairy Flower Coaster
face coaster monikacrochet
crochet coaster with flowers and fox
crochet fairy coaster
Monika Crochet

Autumn Fairy Flower Coaster makes your breakfast always special

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Autumn Fairy Flower Coaster - A perfect crocheted and hand embroidered gift for your beloved mom, grandma, daughter, sister or your best friend.

This Fairy is big enough for your favorite mug or small morning bowl!
DIAMETER: 6 inch / 15 cm
The colors are Autumnly amazing: Little bit Black, Brown, Green, Orange, Purple, Red, Yellow and for the face Off White.
Oh, and do you see a tiny fox in her hair? Isn't it pretty?

This coaster is from 100% COTTON yarn.This is a one Eco - Friendly, Natural and Vegan piece of adorable crochet Autumn Fairy Coaster. My coasters work better than any coasters you have used before because they pick up water/moisture the best!
Cotton yarn is perfect for absorbing liquid, so place a set of these on your table or desk to prevent cup ring marks.

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