Holy Sheep! Monika Crochet is now OPEN!
Holy Sheep! Monika Crochet is now OPEN!
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Sending you some Snail Mail Love

Hello! I wanna wish all my beautiful friends an amazing and happy Sunday! How are you and what are you upto this weekend?

I'm just taking it easy, doing the usual crocheting :), but I really want to share with you a beautiful gift I received all the way from the Netherlands! It's from my dear and wonderful friend Corrien. (Thank you very much Corrien!) She probably spent days making this amazing book full of surprises for me and only me! Words really cannot describe the beauty and the amazing scent that came with it. The book is full of little pockets and envelopes, and every single one is hiding a little surprise inside. There were notes, stickers, tags, a key chain, two bags of awesome smelling tea which I can't wait to try, all kinds of stuff!

It really is a great feeling having someone who is so far away give you their time and energy and make something so nice and full of love. And since this made me so happy, I was thinking if maybe you wanted to join as well and sometime send snail mail full of beautiful surprises. If so, leave me a comment and we can make each others day! Just so you have an idea, I took some photos of Corrien's gorgeous book :)snail mail love

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